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Technology wins on Election Day

November 9, 2022

“The voters really like it. The vast majority are choosing the ExpressVote.” – Linda Phillips, Shelby County Administrator of Elections

Technology wins on Election Day

ES&S voting systems tabulate votes with speed and accuracy

OMAHA, Nebr. – November 9, 2022 – The nation wasn’t left waiting for initial election results thanks to the speed and accuracy of Election Systems & Software (ES&S) voting systems and the dedication of America’s election officials. Voters and election officials across the U.S. celebrated the paper-based system and its ease of use.

Election workers scan mail-in ballots in Philadelphia, PA. (AP Photo)

In Shelby County, Tennessee, voters had their first experience with the county’s new paper-based voting technology. Voters had the option to mark their ballot with a pen or use the county’s brand new ExpressVote© Universal Voting System to make their selections. The voters’ preference quickly became clear – during Early Voting, approximately 3% of voters (a little more than 3,000) chose to mark their ballot with a pen. The overwhelming majority – 97% of voters – chose the ExpressVote.

“The voters really like it. The vast majority are choosing the ExpressVote,” said Linda Phillips, Shelby County Administrator of Elections. “Two voters who were blind voted during Early Voting, and both said they thought it was the most amazing technology. One young lady burst into tears, as did her mother and the poll worker who was helping her.”

In Mississippi, 22 counties had their first use with new ES&S voting equipment – including the ExpressVote and DS200© poll place scanner and tabulator. The counties purchased the new technology to allow for voter-verifiable paper ballots, allowing for fully auditable election results across the state.

“Some voters worried we were regressing backwards by using paper … but now we have a paper trail and can make sure everyone’s ballot is counted and voice is heard,” said Arnell Harried, Jefferson County Circuit Clerk. “I also found this new system to be a lot quicker and easier to use and set up than our old system.”

In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, paper ballots were tabulated faster than ever before. Using DS850© central count tabulators, election officials scanned more than 156,000 ballots in five and-a-half hours, finishing before 4 p.m., and allowing the county to close the day with final unofficial results.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, voters love the ease and accessibility of their voting technology, coupled with the extra assurance of a voter-verifiable paper ballot. On Election Day, more than 3,400 ExpressVote© XL universal voting machines were deployed across the city. A seamless experience meant voters were in and out of their polling places in no time.

“Using the ExpressVote XL means all Philadelphia voters have equal access to the ballot, regardless of ability or disability,” said Nick Custodio, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner. “It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and voters know their paper ballots will be counted as cast.”

“Election officials across our nation put in countless hours to ensure the accuracy of the elections they run,” said Tom Burt, President and CEO of ES&S. “We’re proud to play a small role in supporting them, and equally proud of the performance of the technology in meeting the expectations of voters and election officials.”