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Illustration of Empower's benefits, including security features, built-in antvirus protection, and performance monitoring

Data Management Solution


A one-click solution. ES&S’ Empower securely hosts, stores and manages data for millions of records, saving customers time, money and staff needed for web hosting management.

Take control… partner with ES&S

Some companies offer “cloud self-service” models, which puts all responsibility on their customers. Our team has 35+ years of hosting experience and is ready to help you. We support our customers throughout the election process, including data storage and management.

  • Dedicated environment for election data
  • No outsourcing to a non-election platform
  • No data on a public cloud
  • No on-premise data management
Is Empower a cloud solution? 

No. ES&S’ Empower solution offers the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a cloud solution, without compromising on the security of your data.

Why host with ES&S?

We don’t just host your data; we understand it. For more than 40 years, ES&S has worked exclusively in the election industry. We care about what you do.


Empower has multiple security levels that complement each other to protect your data against internal and external threats. ES&S ensures that the application design and controls protect sensitive data, monitor access and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • SSAE 16 Certified and PCI compliant facilities
  • Physical firewalls
  • Virtual firewalls
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and data integrity checking
  • Physical and virtual partitioning of data
Time savings

Free up your IT department to manage the services that your different applications provide, and drive greater business value with realigned resources.

  • Fully managed with hardware and software maintained by ES&S in our environment
  • Monitor network stability
  • Licensing
  • Ease of use as ES&S
    • Tests and installs patches
    • Manages upgrades
    • Monitors performance
    • Ensures high availability

ES&S developed Empower for jurisdictions that cannot sacrifice the time, staff or money required to maintain hardware and software.

  • Predictable budget
  • Minimal commitment of resources
  • Reduce variable costs
  • No up-front investment

Need more information?

That’s why we’re here. The dedicated ES&S representative for your state can help you determine the best solutions for your jurisdiction.