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Activation Card Printer

on-demand card printer

Ballot on Demand system featuring BOD9310 color printer, laptop, and proprietary BOD software
Ballot on Demand

BOD printing system

DS200 precinct scanner and tabulator

precinct scanner and tabulator

DS450 High-Throughput Central Scanner And Tabulator

high-throughput scanner and tabulator

The DS850 High Speed Scanner and Tabulator Scans and Sorts Ballots

high-speed scanner and tabulator

Electionware election management software opening on Windows 10

election management system

Illustration of Empower's benefits, including security features, built-in antvirus protection, and performance monitoring

secure data hosting

ExpressPoll unit with integrated stand, showing a voter search screen

electronic pollbook

The ExpressVote voting machine

universal voting system

ExpressVote XL

full-face universal voting system

Illustration of PowerProfile's capability to gather and process voter information for easy management

voter registration management

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