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Universal voting

Accessible voting for all.

At Election Systems & Software, we’re serious about accurately capturing the intent of every single voter, including those with special needs. We closely follow the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure voting with our machines is easy, private and inclusive.

Why ADA compliance?

According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, more than 35 million Americans with disabilities are eligible to vote in the United States. ADA compliance is a federally mandated set of standards that voting equipment must meet in order to best serve these voters.

How we ensure accessibility:

We follow all ADA requirements, plus we work with differently-abled voters to test equipment first hand. Their feedback helps inform and improve our products to ensure they are inclusive. 

Our ADA-compliant products.

We designed our ExpressVote® Universal Voting System and ExpressVote XL to be fully ADA compliant. We also follow universal design principles, so all our systems look the same and are easy to navigate. Accessibility features for both products include:

Flexibility to serve seated or standing voters

An audio-tactile keypad equipped with braille

Adjustable high contrast and zoom functionality on screen

Inputs for a Sip-and-Puff device or two-position rocker switch

ExpressVote product
ExpressVote XL™

Our Universal Voting System product family allows every voter, including those with varying physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities, to cast a ballot privately, intuitively and accurately. Voters can navigate ballot selections using the touch screen, the Universal Voting Console (UVC) detachable, audio-tactile keypad or ADA support peripherals. Each device offers an intuitive vote selection process through the use of screen prompts, symbols and optional audio.