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Universal voting

Secure equipment
that fits all voters.

A seated voter using the ExpressVote with kiosk in the lowered position and privacy blinds
Voter entering an activation card into an ExpressVote kiosk in the standing position.

At Election Systems & Software (ES&S) we’re serious about accurately capturing the intent of every voter. We closely follow the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure voting on our machines provide a simple, private and inclusive voting experience.

The ES&S ExpressVote family of products, including the ExpressVote® and ExpressVote XL™ Universal Voting Systems, has received high praise for the inclusiveness it brings to the election process. Both voting machines can be configured in several ways to serve every voter as fully-compliant ADA voting solutions during early voting and on Election Day. On an ES&S Universal Voting System EVERYONE votes in the same private and independent manner.

Why ADA compliance?

Every voter counts and according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), more than 35 million Americans with disabilities are eligible to vote in the United States. The Americans with Disabilities Act helps ensure fairness in the voting process for people with disabilities.

How we ensure accessibility:

ES&S follows all ADA requirements and works with voters with disabilities as well as advocates and experts in the field of accessibility to test our equipment first hand. This valuable feedback helps guide our product development teams, and in turn, ensures EVERY voter can exercise their constitutional right to vote with anonymity on a universal voting system. To protect voter privacy, the printed vote summary card does not specify whether assistive devices were used to conduct a voting session. Learn more about how we ensure accessibility here

Our ADA-compliant products.

Developed using universal design principles and input from election officials and disability organizations, our ExpressVote and ExpressVote XL include the following accessibility features:

  • Seated- and standing-height configurations to serve both seated and standing voters
  • Adjustable on-screen high contrast and zoom functionality display settings to make on-screen text more readable
  • Audio ballots in voters’ selected language
  • Audio ballot option for visually impaired voters as well as voters with a disability or special need
  • Screen prompts, symbols and audio to help voters navigate the vote selection process
  • Assistive technology connections and devices
  • Voter’s option to blank the screen for privacy

The ES&S ExpressVote family of products provide all voters, regardless of limitations, with the option to navigate ballot selections independently using various ADA support peripherals including:


Audio-tactile keypad with Braille legends

Sip-and-puff device

Two-position rocker switch

Each device offers an intuitive vote selection process through the use of screen prompts, symbols and optional audio. Any of these features can be used by any voter without poll worker assistance. Voters can also verify the printed paper record using the same accessible devices they used when marking the ballot.

ES&S and advancing equal access.

ES&S is committed to helping jurisdictions navigate the Americans with Disabilities Act by answering the needs of all their constituents and monitoring developments from the U.S. Department of Justice and the EAC.

What election officials and voters are saying:

“I just had the most WONDERFUL experience. I am totally blind, and I voted myself! I was in tears by the time I left the polling station – for the first time in years I VOTED without assistance. THANK YOU! Because of you I have the capability of exercising my rights as a US Citizen … Because of you, I can vote right along my sighted peers without feeling ‘frowned’ upon. I am now an equal.”

Jeanette, voter from VA, Nov. 2016

“In a 2016 test by 100 blind voters, the National Federation of the Blind in Michigan determined that most testers preferred the ES&S equipment — quadriplegia voters and those with brain injuries, gave the ES&S devices ‘high marks.'”

(August 6, 2018). Blind Michigan voters may struggle with new voting machines.

“The Michigan Bureau of Elections held a mock election which allowed testers and poll workers to experience each of the machines and tabulate votes for both disabled and non-disabled voters. Of the three systems tested, the ExpressVote is the only one I am comfortable recommending. Set-up was achieved independently by the voter, prompts were spoken efficiently, and a ballot could be completed using the fewest number of key presses.”

J.J. Meddaugh. (May 20, 2016). A Mock Election: We Tested 3 Modern Voting Machines for Accessibility.

ExpressVote product
ExpressVote XL™

Our Universal Voting System product family allows every voter, including those with varying physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities, to cast a ballot privately, intuitively and accurately. Voters can navigate ballot selections using the touch screen, the Universal Voting Console (UVC) detachable, audio-tactile keypad or ADA support peripherals. Each device offers an intuitive vote selection process through the use of screen prompts, symbols and optional audio.