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New, Secure Election Products Receive Federal Certification
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Company Overview

American owned and operated.

Our vision at Election Systems & Software (ES&S) is simple and unwavering — we provide products and services of exceptional quality and value to maintain voter confidence and enhance the voting experience. We accomplish this through continuous investments in research and development, resulting in regular product updates and security enhancements for each voting system we design, build, sell and support.

The ES&S mission is to provide valuable, trusted and proven election systems and services to our nation’s election administrators. Our teams of passionate, knowledgeable and talented election professionals across North America accomplish our mission by delivering the highest standards of accuracy, security and reliability.

No other voting system vendor can compare to the financial stability and customer base of ES&S.

Our Mission.

Election Systems & Software is dedicated to providing valuable, trusted and proven election equipment and services to our election administrators.

We continually evolve to meet the needs of our customers and technology’s ever-changing environment. We provide better elections every day to promote democracy in the jurisdictions we serve. We fulfill this mission by delivering the highest standards of accuracy, security and reliability in our election products and services.

Our Vision.

We will provide products and services of exceptional quality and value to maintain voter confidence and enhance the voting experience.

Pride, purpose, passion.

We take great pride in playing a role to ensure democracy for our citizens. We love what we do.

We demonstrate drive and determination as we strive for greatness. We are always working hard to make our already great voting systems better.

No other company can match the enthusiasm we bring to elections. Your success is our success; your struggle is our struggle. We are passionate about helping our customers run successful elections.

ES&S is guided by six core values.

We live these values with the ultimate measure of success being the value we deliver to our customers, associates and the election industry we serve.

Work Hard

Work hard with an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Dream Big

Dream big and embrace change in the pursuit of continual growth and improvement.

Build Trust and Respect

Build trust and respect in everything we do, internally and externally, in support of our customers.

Talk Straight

Talk straight and communicate openly and honestly with others and ourselves.

Make a Difference

Make a difference in the election industry through the value we provide.

Have Fun

Have fun and maintain a positive attitude through interactions with customers and fellow associates.

Lead with passion.

The ES&S Executive Management Leadership Philosophy is based on establishing trust to achieve key business results. We strive to create an innovative and inspiring organization to work for and do business with in support of the short and long-term success of our organization. This includes a consistent focus on doing what is right for every ES&S stakeholder and operating our organization through the lens of Living Above the Line and a commitment to thought leadership. Culture is a top priority at ES&S; leaders at every level ensure that our core values are lived out daily.


ES&S is 100% American owned by McCarthy Group and individual members of ES&S management. McCarthy Group originally partnered with the founders of ES&S in 1987 and for more than thirty years has supported ES&S as it has grown into the industry leader with solutions for each step of an election. ES&S’ stable partnership with McCarthy Group has enabled continuous investment in research and development, resulting in new and improved voting technology built with the highest standards of security that help election officials run secure and successful elections.