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High-Speed Scanner and Tabulator


Let the DS950 handle your absentee, early vote and Election Day ballot scanning and sorting, all without missing a beat. The purpose-built DS950’s advanced technology and engineering make the high-speed scanner and tabulator best-in-class there’s nothing like it on the market! 

Security features:

  • Physical and System Access Controls
  • Audit Logs
  • Proprietary Flash Drives
  • System Application Controls
  • Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures

Complete ballot control from start to finish.

Process more ballots in less time.

Illustration of a typical central count tabulation workflow featuring the DS950

What you don’t get with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tabulators:

  • Purpose-built equipment. Election experts designed ES&S tabulators specifically for elections.

  • No scanning interruptions. ES&S tabulators scan and tabulate previously folded and damaged ballots.

  • Customizable sorting. ES&S tabulators allow for user-definable, real-time sorting, including both physical and digital ballot management.

  • Longer product life. ES&S products are engineered with industrial-grade components, ensuring a 5-7 year production and service parts supply. Our parts manufacturers are dedicated to maintaining form, fit and functional equivalents when an inevitable change comes. This allows ES&S to support our products typically 10+ years.

Security you can count on.®

Physical and System Access Controls

The DS950 utilizes physical and system access controls including lockable doors, tamper-evident seals and access codes. These security safeguards cannot be bypassed or deactivated and alert election officials of unauthorized access while the unit is in storage, transport, preparation and operation.

Audit Logs

The DS950 generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit, which can be printed at any time. Every action and event, including access attempts, access of system functions and errors, is logged and timestamped.

Proprietary Flash Drives

The DS950 will only accept certified and approved USB flash drives that contain encrypted data sealed with the correct, FIPS-compliant, signed data key. As such, once an election official installs election programming, it is not possible for a separate device to interface with the DS950 in order to overwrite or change the election definition or system firmware.

System Application Controls

The DS950 is a purpose-built tabulator. Its system functions are only executable during election events, in the manner and order intended by election officials performing their duties. The system performs a self-diagnostic test at startup, which alerts election officials of errors or changes to the system before any election data is introduced.

Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures

All data generated during the polls is encrypted and digitally signed. Additional hash validations ensure data integrity remains intact. The DS950 also generates a signed data key, ensuring that should unauthorized access of a unit occur, no other units can be affected through data transfer.

Need more information?

That’s why we’re here. The dedicated ES&S representative for your state can help you determine the best solutions for your jurisdiction.