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Voter-Verifiable Paper

Ensuring every vote is cast and counted accurately, securely, efficiently.

The most secure form of modern voting is a hybrid approach combining paper and technology. Hybrid voting ensures that a voter’s intent is accurately captured through the use of technology and backed up by a paper ballot for auditing purposes. Our hybrid technology will never lose a vote due to unclear marking by a voter or because the voter voted for too many candidates, and there will always be a paper record of the votes actually cast.

How voter-verifiable paper works with our voting systems.

1. Mark selections

Voters of all abilities use the touch screen to mark their selections.

2. Vote summary card prints

The machine produces a paper vote summary card that also serves as an audit trail for election officials.

3. Review selections

Voters review the paper vote summary card to make sure their selections were recorded accurately.

4. Submit for tabulation

If the information on the card is accurate, voters submit their selections for tabulation.

The benefits of a voter-verifiable paper record:
  • Gives voters a chance to review their selections for accuracy before casting
  • Prevents over-voting and unintentional under-voting
  • Creates a reliable paper-based record in the event of an audit

Efficient and secure paper ballot products.

ExpressVote product

As a universal voting system, the ExpressVote allows all voters, regardless of abilities, to mark their selections privately and autonomously using touch-screen technology. Voters can even view the ballot in their chosen language. After their choices are marked, the ExpressVote produces a paper-based record for tabulation.

ExpressVote XL

The ExpressVote XL is a full-face universal voting system that serves every voter and combines all contests for the jurisdiction on an easy-to-use 32-inch HD interactive screen. The XL also includes an independent voter-verifiable paper record that is digitally scanned for tabulation.

A complete system for marking and tabulation.

ExpressVote® as a marker

The ExpressVote handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for voter mark interpretation. After all selections are made, a human- and machine-readable paper record is produced. Then, a paper record with the voter’s selections is scanned for tabulation on an ES&S DS200®, DS450® or DS850® device.

ExpressVote® as a tabulator

The ExpressVote as a tabulator allows voters to mark and tabulate in one stop. A voter makes their vote selections using the touch-screen. Then, they retrieve their vote summary card for manual review. When ready, they can reinsert the card for tabulation. Vote records are safely deposited into a secure container.