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Case Studies

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ES&S’ powerful case studies showcase the impact of our products and services in maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience across the country. Each story highlights our mission to provide valuable, trusted and proven election systems and services to election administrators nationwide.

A Catawba County, NC voter receives the state-required absentee voting application as the first step to checking in for early voting during the 2021 primary election.
Catawba County. Makes. Elections. Better.

In 2020, a handful of Catawba County, NC, voters received the wrong ballot when checking in at their One-Stop early voting location. Fast forward to North Carolina’s 2021 primary elections. Catawba County debuted its new ExpressVote Printers from Election Systems & Software (ES&S) at all One-Stop locations, and 100% of early voters received their correct ballot at check-in.

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ES&S' case study for Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, highlights the successful implementation of 400 ExpressVote XL units.
Navigating the Perfect Storm: ES&S Solutions Deliver Smooth, Easy and Secure 2020 Elections

Running a presidential election in a swing state with brand-new voting equipment, all during an unpredictable global pandemic, created what Bethany Salzarulo called a “perfect storm.” While the election director sought to select new voting equipment for Cumberland County to meet new Pennsylvania state requirements, Salzarulo also kept the election experience for voters, poll workers and election staff at the forefront of her mind.

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A ‘Perfect Recount’ in Mason County, WV

After the 2020 General Election, Diana Cromley was tasked with leading her first election recount for one local race with a close margin of victory. “I was nervous with that responsibility on my shoulders,” she said. “I had to have complete trust in my team, our processes and our new voting equipment from Election Systems & Software.”

“My staff did a double-check and triple-check,” she said. “Not one vote changed.

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The Little Printer That Could

Weighing in at only five pounds, it’s small and unassuming, yet mighty and powerful.

Loudon County and Sevier County, Tennessee, provide the ExpressVote® Printer to automatically select the ballot style, ExpressVote® Universal Voting System for voters to make selections, and the DS200® precinct scanner and tabulator for casting ballots.

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ES&S Equipment Successfully Supports Pandemic Demands

Voters in the swing state of Pennsylvania, including those voting by mail, can depend on a robust, resilient and reliable voting system for years to come.

The key to Cambria County, Pennsylvania’s success? The versatility and adaptability of ES&S voting systems, especially the DS200 Precinct Scanner and Tabulator and the DS450 High-Throughput Scanner and Tabulator.

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The shape of South Carolina with the palmetto from the state flag inset, next to a person's hand holding a voted paper ballot card.
“Prepared in Mind and Resources” — More Than a State Motto

The Palmetto State provides voters with an enhanced, resilient and dependable voting system for years to come.

A paper record of every ballot cast has become the gold standard for elections across the U.S. South Carolina was one of a few states across the nation voting on systems that did not produce a paper trail.

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Poll worker training at the Marion County Election Board Service Center
Modernizing the Voting Experience

One of the largest counties in the U.S. moves to a secure, modern, all-access opportunity to vote.

Across the U.S., pioneering election officials are advancing elections by replacing aging voting systems with innovative paper-based voting technology. Marion County, Indiana, adopted systems that have proven successful in hundreds of elections to implement a new approach to the traditional neighborhood-based polling location.

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A woman voting using an ExpressVote XL
Changing the Way Voters in the First State Cast Ballots

Aging Voting Machines Put to Rest

Jurisdictions across the country are replacing their aging voting systems with new equipment that includes the latest in security technology and a verifiable paper trail. The State of Delaware recently chose and implemented ES&S equipment, and voters and poll workers delighted in its first use.

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Utah Increases Voter Confidence

Through Verifiable Ballots and Better Audits

In the fall of 2017, the State of Utah designated Election Systems & Software (ES&S) as the state’s election management provider of choice.

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How West Virginia's Election Officials Are Reducing Costs
How West Virginia’s Election Officials are Reducing Costs

While Improving the Election Experience for Voters and Poll Workers

Another major overhaul of the U.S. election system is underway, and a number of states are seriously considering a return to paper-based voting systems.

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