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Poll Place Scanner and Tabulator

The future of polling place ballot tabulation

ES&S’ newest purpose-built scanner and tabulator, the DS300, seamlessly supports all poll place and vote center ballot scanning and tabulation from early voting through Election Day. The DS300 can also serve as a tabulator for absentee voting and during recounts and audits.

Faster processing speeds

As compared to its predecessor, the DS300 offers:

  • 75% faster startup
  • 300% faster election loading
  • 240% faster poll opening
  • Up to 33% faster ballot scanning

Watch how the DS300 speeds up the poll opening process!

Traditional and ExpressVote summary card ballots, with a magnified inset showing unique numbers imprinted for use in risk-limiting audits.

Innovative ballot imprinting

The DS300 includes an integrated inkjet imprinter that can print a unique number on each ballot scanned for use in post-election risk-limiting audits (RLAs).

Step-by-step instructions for DS300 voting success!

This video provides step-by-step instructions for how to cast your vote on the DS300. The DS300, as with all ES&S vote scanners and tabulators, scans ballots marked with a machine or pen.


The DS300 combines ES&S patented IMR® and PTRAC® technologies to accurately discriminate between valid and extraneous marks, perforations, smudges and folds, reducing the number of ballots requiring time-consuming manual adjudication.


Works in conjunction with:

  • ExpressVote® Universal Voting System
  • ExpressVote® XL Full-Face Universal Voting System
  • DS450® High-Throughput Scanner & Tabulator
  • DS950® High-Speed Scanner & Tabulator
  • Electionware® Election Management Software


Having both battery backup and thermal paper means you never have to worry about power outages or printer ink. The DS300 includes redundant data storage.

A DS300 unit inside its new ballot box, with the lid closed.

Improved stability during transport

The new DS300 ballot box was designed to increase stability during transport and includes a handle for more control.

Security you can count on.®

Physical and System Access Controls
  • The DS300 uses pick-resistant keylocks and tamper-evident seals to secure sensitive components and protect against tampering within the unit. Each tabulator also uses a keylocked case for transport and shipping.
  • Each administrative and election function, such as viewing the Admin menu and opening and closing the polls on Election Day, requires authentication with a designated security code.
System Application Controls
  • Each DS300 is paired with an encrypted card containing the firmware inside the unit. This technology ensures the card cannot be taken out of the machine and altered, viewed or changed. If the DS300 unit detects a counterfeit card, it will not boot up.
  • Only approved and certified USB flash drives are accepted by the tabulator to prevent unauthorized data transfers or uploads.
Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures
  • The DS300 also uses Secure Boot and application allowlisting to verify only the certified operating system, software and firmware are on the unit. For more information about these security features, see Secure Boot & Application Allowlisting Security Fact Sheet.
  • Election officials can validate directly on the unit that all resident firmware matches the firmware version certified for use in that jurisdiction. This validation also verifies that every file on the operating system is exactly as was written during the Trusted Build completed by the Voting Systems Test Laboratory (VSTL).
  • All data generated during the polls is digitally signed and encrypted as a bundle at poll close.
Audit Logs
  • Each DS300 generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that occurred on the unit, which can be printed at any time. The audit log can also be exported from Electionware Reporting to track all election processes for accuracy and accountability.
  • Every action and event—including access attempts, access of system functions and errors—is logged and time-stamped.
Closeup view of the pick-resistant locks and the recessed spaces for tamper-evident seals.

What you don’t get with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tabulators:

  • Purpose-built equipment. Election experts designed ES&S tabulators specifically for elections.

  • No scanning interruptions. ES&S tabulators scan and tabulate previously folded and damaged ballots.

  • Longer product life. ES&S products are engineered with industrial-grade components, ensuring a 5-7 year production and service parts supply. Our parts manufacturers are dedicated to maintaining form, fit and functional equivalents when an inevitable change comes. This allows ES&S to support our products typically 10+ years.

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