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Full-Face Universal Voting System

ExpressVote® XL

The paper-based ExpressVote XL full-face Universal Voting System displays the full ballot on a 32-inch interactive screen and produces an independent voter-verifiable paper record. The ExpressVote XL improves the Election Day experience for voters — allowing them to mark and tabulate their vote in one stop.

Security features:

  • Physical and System Access Controls
  • Verifiable Paper Record
  • Audit Logs
  • Proprietary Flash Drives
  • System Application Controls
  • Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signature

Product features:

Security facts:

Physical and System Access Controls

The ExpressVote XL utilizes physical and system access controls including lockable doors, tamper-evident seals and access codes. These security safeguards cannot be bypassed or deactivated and alert election officials of unauthorized access while the unit is in storage, transport, preparation and operation.

Verifiable Paper Record

The ExpressVote XL produces a paper vote summary card that provides voters with the opportunity to review their selections and verify that their vote was recorded accurately before submitting for tabulation. The vote summary card also serves as an audit trail for election officials.

Audit Logs

The ExpressVote XL generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit, which can be printed at any time. Every action and event, including access attempts, access of system functions and errors, is logged and timestamped.

Proprietary Flash Drives

The ExpressVote XL only accepts certified and approved USB flash drives containing encrypted data signed with the correct, FIPS-compliant, security keys. As such, once an election official installs election programming, it is not possible for a separate device to interface with the ExpressVote XL in order to overwrite or change the election definition or system firmware.

System Application Controls

The ExpressVote XL is a purpose-built voting machine. Its system functions are only executable during election events, in the manner and order intended by election officials performing their duties. The system performs a self-diagnostic test at startup, which alerts election officials of errors or changes to the system before any election data is introduced.

Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures

All data generated during the polls is encrypted and digitally signed. Additional hash validations ensure data integrity remains intact. The ExpressVote XL also generates a signed data key, ensuring that should unauthorized access of a unit occur, no other units can be affected through data transfer.

How the ExpressVote XL Protects Your Ballot

Watch this video to take a peek inside ExpressVote XL’s new paper path to see how, by design, the voting machine’s mechanical components are software-independent — making it impossible to add, modify or invalidate votes after the voter has reviewed, confirmed and cast their ballot.

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