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Proven Auditable – Confirmed Accurate

December 6, 2019

The ES&S ExpressVote, ExpressVote XL and DS200 confirm every vote is cast and counted accurately, securely, efficiently.

ES&S believes post-election audits are critical to ensuring that the election worked properly and that it yielded the correct outcome. That’s why we only sell voting machines that produce an auditable paper record as the primary voting device in a jurisdiction.

Technology with a Trail

One of the most secure forms of modern voting is a hybrid approach combining paper and technology. Hybrid voting ensures that a voter’s intent is accurately captured through the use of technology and backed up by a paper ballot for auditing purposes. Our hybrid technology — the ExpressVote and ExpressVote XL — will never cause a voter’s intentions to be lost due to unclear marks or because the voter over-voted. There will always be a paper record of the votes cast.

Digital ballots help people vote independently and privately, with accessibility options. Ballot marking devices produce the printed ballot that is critical for audits and recounts. A printed ballot that’s easier to read means more voters verify their ballot, adding to confidence in the election." - Whitney Quesenbery, co-founder of the Center for Civic Design. (, Why not just use pens to mark a ballot? 7/3/18)

Ensuring Auditability

We’re proud to share that the ExpressVote, ExpressVote XL and DS200’s paper record has proven to be fully auditable – having been used in post-election audits across the country.

Here are just a few real-world examples:

Enabling Evidence-Based Elections

But paper records aren’t the only way to audit the accuracy of an election. Six layers of security protect ES&S voting systems – from physical security to encryption to verifiable audit trails. The ExpressVote, ExpressVote XL and DS200 maintain a system-generated audit trail used to verify that elections are administered accurately and accountably. The audit log records the date, time and description of every user- or system-initiated event that occurs on the unit, including the following event types:

  • Any change to the device or configuration, such as a date or time change
  • All poll worker or technician interactions with the terminal, including menu and screen navigation
  • All actions taken by a voter, including the time the voting session started and ended for each cast vote, excluding contest selection/deselection, ballot navigation and write-in entries
  • All errors and warnings
  • All internal read/write operations, such as data written to a specific location or peripherals queried for status

Voters and candidates can be more confident in election results with the new systems, which offer the latest cybersecurity technology, allow voters to verify their choices before casting their ballot, and provide paper records for use in recounts and post-election audits." - Jonathan M. Marks, deputy secretary for Elections and Commissions, Pennsylvania (Bucks County Courier Times, More secure voting with a paper trail on its way to PA, 4/16/19)

We are excited about the future of elections, and we’re serious about accurately capturing the intent of every voter! Every election in America is an opportunity to marvel at our democracy at work. And with that comes incredible responsibility for those entrusted to provide secure, accurate elections. We are proud to share in that responsibility and look forward to helping our customers achieve success as they work to support the voters of America.