July 11, 2018

Here at ES&S, our emphasis continues to be building products that will not only advance the market but deliver on the highest security standards. It is with great pride that we announce the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has federally certified the new ES&S EVS 6000. This suite of products provides a new hybrid voting option that ensures the voter’s intent is accurately captured while providing a paper ballot.

The EVS 6000 suite includes two brand new products, the   ExpressVote XL™ full-face Universal Voting System, and the ExpressTouch electronic Universal Voting System. The ExpressVote XL displays the full ballot on a 32-inch touch-operated interactive screen and produces a voter-verified paper ballot for tabulation. The use of a touch screen to mark a ballot prevents voters from overvoting (a common mistake), can alert voters about undervotes, and guarantees that the voter’s intent is accurately recorded each and every time. 

  “The EVS 6000 product suite represents thousands of hours of development and testing, culminating with the EAC testing and certification of reliability, security and accuracy,” ES&S President & CEO Tom Burt said. “EVS 6000 is the most innovative and technologically advanced suite of election products ever certified.”

That’s right Tom; we went BIG with this new suite of products! In addition to the new tabulation solutions, ES&S customers will also benefit from enhancements to our Election Management System, called Electionware®. The new version of Electionware also improves the post-election audit process by creating greater efficiencies and allowing election officials more flexibility to conduct a wide range of post-election audits effectively. Electionware’s many enhancements include: 

  • An innovative new results reporting module

  • A state of the art application that allows administrators to adjudicate ballots electronically

  • A new function that masterfully handles the management of write-in votes

  • A fully revamped ballot layout package

Inside of EVS 6000, the ExpressVote Universal Voting System has also been certified to perform as both a ballot marker and a vote tabulator. This dual compatibility gives jurisdictions the flexibility they need to transition as the needs of voters and voting environments continue to evolve.

Utah and Kansas are two of the first states to use the newly certified EVS 6000 product suite. Curtis Koch, Davis County Utah, Clerk/Auditor, said,

"The implementation of the new election system was an overall success! Ballots were processed and counted faster than ever while maintaining a highly secure and transparent election. The Davis County Clerk's office is very pleased with what we have seen in our first election with the new system and are looking forward to many more successfully administered elections."

Our Universal Voting System product family allows every voter, including those with varying physical, cognitive and perceptual abilities, to cast a ballot privately, intuitively and accurately. Voters can navigate ballot selections using the touch screen, the Universal Voting Console (UVC) detachable, audio-tactile keypad or ADA support peripherals. The device offers an intuitive vote selection process through the use of screen prompts, symbols and optional audio.

We are obsessed with security—it has always been a cornerstone of our product development process. We are committed to accuracy and security in our products to advance the voting process. We take pride in our history of close relationships with federal, state and local government agencies to enhance elections. We work hard on the security of our products, and we are constantly strengthening and improving them—the EVS 6000 certification is evidence of that!