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Public Overwhelmingly Praises ExpressVote XL in Survey Results

March 8, 2024

ES&S has some exciting news to share! A survey conducted among voters who used the ExpressVote XL during a public demonstration has revealed some impressive results. The voters were thrilled with their experience and gave it a whopping 4.73 out of 5! And that’s not all! The survey also found that the majority of respondents found the system incredibly easy to use and navigate. From selecting their preferred language to casting their ballot, the ExpressVote XL’s user-friendly features and intuitive interface were a hit among voters. It’s always great to hear about innovative technology that makes our lives easier, don’t you think?

ExpressVote XL voters rated their experience a 4.73 out of 5

96% of voters STRONGLY AGREE that it was easy to:

  • Select their preferred language
  • See the ballot and candidate names
  • Make their selections or changes if needed
  • Review and confirm their selections before casting their ballot
  • Cast their ballot

Gold circle containing the text "Top 5"Most favorite features

Ordered by most selected favorite features

  1. I can verify my choices before casting my ballot
  2. I like having a paper record of my vote
  3. Environmentally friendly due to the smaller paper ballot
  4. Everyone uses the same voting machine
  5. I like the private voting experience

Blue speech bubble containing the words "In 3 words"Summarize your experience in three words

  • “Easy-peasy lemon squeezy”
  • “Quick, simple, friendly”
  • “Secure, easy, understandable”

Icon of a hand giving a thumbs up96% of voters look forward to voting on ExpressVote XL on Election Day.

Blue speech bubble containing an icon of an ExpressVote ballot card and a lock, depicting the security of the ballotHere’s what voters had to say about their favorite features of ExpressVote XL:

  • “Secure ballots for audits, but does not waste materials.”
  • “Money saved by using less ballots and reducing chances of wrong ballot.”
  • “I like the private voting experience and I can take my time.”
  • “Privacy is a must and I like to be able to confirm before casting.”
  • “No question of voter intent.”
  • “No circles or pre-printed ballots, easy to change choices as opposed to circles.”

Speech bubble containing a stopwatch, depicting speed and performance.Describe your voting experience on ExpressVote XL

  • “Simple and fast you have to check it out.”
  • “It’s better and easier than the voting machines we have now.”
  • “Encourage their legislators to approve using touch screens.”
  • “We will save 20 minutes opening/closing.”
  • “I’m a poll worker so I was especially interested in the set-up/take down as well as security. Five stars for both.”
  • “Super straight forward and easy to access.”

Data source: Monroe County, New York public demonstration March 2023

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