July 20, 2017

Childress County Texas
Advances Election Technology

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to our more than 12-year successful partnership with the forward-thinking election officials in Childress County Texas, ES&S was once again chosen as the county’s visionary provider of elections management equipment.

How cool is it y’all that the more than 3,500 registered voters in Childress County will be casting their votes in the November 7 Amendment election on the ONLY touch screen voting technology in the great state of Texas that includes a voter-verifiable paper record – the ES&S ExpressVote® Universal Voting System, and with the DS200 which provides patented technology that ensures even the most marginally marked ballots are read accurately and consistently!


Introducing the ExpressTouch™ Electronic Universal Voting System and the ExpressVote XL™ Full-Face Universal Voting System!

Many refer to the ES&S DS200 and ExpressVote as the easiest elections system to manage in the industry, and we are quite confident that the Childress County election officials and poll workers will be so tickled by how much easier their jobs are because of this advanced technology that they will be sending lots of chocolate to our office. (to whom it may concern, our HR dept. has asked that it be the healthier dark chocolate variety.)


And not to keep on bragging, but we would be remiss to not share with the voters of Childress County the fact that the ExpressVote and DS200 both utilize a variety of physical security features and functions to ensure their election data and cast vote records are secure. Not only that, the ES&S ExpressVote product line has received high praise for the inclusiveness it brings to the voting experience. The system allows EVERY VOTER, including those with limited physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities, to cast a ballot privately, autonomously and intuitively.

“No other system in Texas can provide this type of voting experience. Childress County is demonstrating admirable stewardship by selecting the most affordable, value-added solution available on the market today, and their shift from DRE's with no paper trail to a proven paper-based voting technology equipped with auto adjudication technology shows their dedication to protecting their voter intent,” said ES&S Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales Matt Nelson.