expresspoll toshiba tablet

ES&S Announces Product Collaboration with Microsoft and Intel

The ES&S ExpressPoll will now be available on easy-to-use Toshiba tablets, making it the most compelling pollbook solution offered on the market today.

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ES&S Wins Contract to Provide Statewide Voting System for Maryland

Maryland selects a system that will provide voters a platform that can be sustained for years, capable of growing with the state's election needs.

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Tom Burt ES&S CEO

Tom Burt Set to Become New ES&S CEO on January 1

Election Systems & Software congratulates Tom Burt on his newly accepted role as Chief Executive Officer.

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Election Day 2014: Another Round of Innovative Firsts from ES&S

Milestones from the field as numerous customers implement our technology for the first time on Election Day 2014.

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expresspass solution

New ExpressPass Technology from ES&S Allows Voters to Mark Ballots from Home

Now voters can review sample ballots and pre-mark their selections from anywhere with a internet accessible device.

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ES&S on Election Day: Serving 3 of Every 5 Voters Coast to Coast

A brief snapshot of the more than 4,500 jurisdictions ES&S supported during the 2014 General Election.

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