ADA-Compliant Ballot-Marking Devices

The AutoMARK® ballot-marking system provides autonomy to voters who are blind, visually impaired, or have a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a ballot. The AutoMARK® Voter Assist Terminal is the future of paper ballot-marking technology.

Adding an AutoMARK® device to your polling location helps you comply with the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) accessibility requirement. This will save you money by eliminating the need to reinvest in a new tabulation system.

Key Features


Allows voters to cast a verified ballot without assistance directly into a secure ballot box.

Hash Check

Provides jurisdictions opportunity to securely validate the firmware version.

Audio Function

  • Voter hears list of candidates through headphones
  • Synthesized voice enables voter control of speech speed and volume
  • Choices may be repeated easily
  • Selections are read back to voter at end of session, ensuring proper selection was made

Summary Verification Process

Ensures that no races are accidentally under-voted, over-voted, or left blank, providing an opportunity to adjust selections before voters cast their ballots.

Zoom Feature

Voters are able to increase font size displayed on the viewing touch screen
Adjustable brightness contrast helps voters with limited vision or macular degeneration
Compatible with current voting systems

Sip-and-Puff Tube

Voters unable to use the touch screen or touch pad can vote autonomously.


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