Put the power of election technology at the voters’ fingertips with on-screen touch ballots that guarantee voter intent and ballot accuracy. Over-votes are not accepted, and voters are privately alerted of under-votes during the final ballot review process. iVotronic® ensures the privacy of all voters, including the visually impaired.

Key Features

Vote Accuracy

Voter intent and ballot correctness are guaranteed with the iVotronic®. Over-votes are not accepted, and the voter is privately alerted of under-votes during the final ballot review process. Poll workers are not required to correct the ballot. The privacy of all voters, including the visually impaired, is maintained with the iVotronic®. Voters are provided the opportunity to validate all choices before casting their ballots.

Accurate, Reliable, Secure

iVotronic® has three independent memory paths to ensure that votes are never lost. Before polls open, one accumulated “zero tape” validates that the machines begin their counts at zero. This is confirmed through verifiable printed documentation of precinct-level election results. Each iVotronic® unit is a self-contained election system: if a single voter terminal would malfunction, it would not affect other voter terminals in the precinct.

Easy to Use for Voters and Poll Workers

The two-step opening and closing process makes Election Day operations easy and straightforward. The voter’s ballot style and voting session is activated by the poll worker with a secure personalized electronic ballot (PEB) cartridge.

ADA Compliant and Multilingual

iVotronic® is equipped with an innovative audio ballot feature combined with Braille-embossed navigation buttons, enabling visually impaired voters to vote efficiently with complete privacy. Its self-contained ballot and lightweight construction deliver complete portability for curbside voting and wheelchair access. The ballot formats are clearly displayed in large fonts, and both character-based and Romance languages are supported. The iVotronic® makes voting easy for all.


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