High-Throughput Scanner & Tabulator

Customizable sorting is now more affordable than ever with the DS450 central scanner and tabulator. Process more ballots in less time, without stopping to sort overvotes, write-ins or blank ballots. ES&S sets the industry standard for high-speed scanners. The DS450 embodies the spirit of the DS850 while maintaining an efficient throughput along with affordability for jurisdictions.

Key Features


System integrity and electronic audits make the DS450 part of the most dependable family of central vote scanners and tabulators in its class. Safeguards, such as data encryption and digital signatures, help protect sensitive data and verify authenticity, including certification of all firmware.


With three separate output bins, you can determine whether want to outstack specific types of ballots for further review. Let the DS450 handle separating write-in votes, overvotes and blank ballots – all without missing a beat.


ES&S-patented IMR™  and PTRAC® technology ensures ballots are read accurately and consistently, protecting voter intent and minimizing manual adjudication.

High Throughput

Achieve faster sorts without stopping for each blank ballot with the DS450. It scans and sorts 14-inch double-sided ballots at 72 per minute into three output bins.

Folded Ballot Processing

The DS450 is designed with a series of TruGrip™ rollers, which maintain constant contact with the ballot surface, ensuring quality control throughout the entire tabulation process.