Universal Voting System

The ExpressVote Universal Voting System utilizes touch-screen technology that produces a paper-based record for tabulation.

As a marker, the ExpressVote handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for voter mark interpretation. Voters utilize the touch screen to mark their vote selections, receiving a verifiable paper vote record upon completion. Used in early vote centers and on Election Day in precincts or vote centers, the ExpressVote can serve every eligible voter, including those with special needs.

The ExpressVote as a tabulator, improves the Election Day experience for voters — allowing them to mark and tabulate their vote summary card in one stop. A voter can submit their vote selections for tabulation via AutoCast® or retrieve their verifiable paper vote record (vote summary card) for manual review. When ready, they can re-insert the card for tabulation. Vote records are safely deposited into a secure container.

As a universal voting system, the ExpressVote allows all voters, regardless of abilities, to make their selections privately and autonomously. Voters can view the ballot in their chosen language.

Key Features


The ExpressVote Universal Voting System utilizes a variety of functions to ensure election data and cast vote records are secure. In its current certification as a marking device, no vote data is stored in the device. Its system functions are only executable during election events, in the manner and order intended by election officials performing their duties.


Easy to Set Up and Use

The one-step startup and poll-closing procedure make the ExpressVote an ideal device for poll workers. The intuitive design offers streamlined simplicity for poll workers and election staff. The ExpressVote is also small, lightweight and easy to move.

Controlled and Reduced Costs

Traditional ballot printing costs can be significantly reduced by eliminating the need for pre-printed paper ballots. Voters activate their vote session, make their selections and receive a paper record to cast. This process consumes 70 percent less paper than traditional ballots.

Innovative Design

Voters review a summary page and can make changes before receiving their verifiable paper vote record. The ExpressVote prevents overvotes and undervoting with prompts and on-screen feedback. ExpressVote in marking mode neither stores nor tabulates vote counts. The system produces a verifiable paper record for each voter.

Verifiable Paper Record

  • ExpressVote as a Marker
    After all selections are made, a human- and machine-readable paper record is produced that includes text and an optical scan barcode. Votes are digitally scanned for tabulation on an ES&S DS200®, DS450® or DS850® device.
  • ExpressVote as a Tabulator
    A human- and machine-readable vote summary card is produced, including text and an optical scan barcode, after voters have made all of their selections. The ExpressVote as a tabulator scans the vote summary card for tabulation.


The ExpressVote can serve every eligible voter, including those with special needs. As a fully compliant ADA voting solution, the ExpressVote allows both standing and seated voters to mark and cast their vote summary cards independently. An accessible keypad equipped with braille and the ability to use rocker panel and Sip-and-Puff devices make the ExpressVote a truly universal solution.