Central Scanner & Tabulator

The M650 is an easy-to-use central scanner and tabulator that is perfect for any jurisdiction size, regardless of ballot complexity (including absentee ballots). It uses optical mark read (OMR) scanning technology to securely process ballot lengths from 14 to 19 inches at more than 300 ballots per minute.

Key Features

Simple Report Generation

Push one button to print grand total, precinct-level, and audit reports. Custom reports are available through the Unity Election Report Manager.

Advanced Memory Capability

Its internal recovery subsystem allows the M650™ to provide reliable data retention during a power failure. Additionally, data can be saved to an external storage drive for backup or to efficiently transfer large data files to Election Central.

Uncomplicated Display Panel

The push-button control panel’s 80-character LED message window display easily guides election workers through the system.

Maintain Ballot Integrity

The M650™ automatically alerts the operator of over-voted, blank, write-in or damaged ballots, preserving ballot integrity and voter intent.


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