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Security Management Practices

July 27, 2020

Guest author: Chris Wlaschin, ES&S Vice President of Systems Security

Chris Wlaschin, VP of Systems SecurityHi team! It’s Chris, your friendly security officer here blogging about some great things our employees at ES&S are doing to support the best state and local election officials around the country. Take a look at our security management practices.

Every time voters head to the polls; they want to know their votes will be accurately counted and protected. At Election Systems & Software, we take extra precautions to ensure our software, hardware and data are well-insulated from harm.

Some of the great things we are doing to protect our customers, and our product include:
Cover page of ES&S Security Management Practices fact sheet.

  • All ES&S employees, contractors, interns and temps are required to use two-factor authentication when logging into corporate IT networks.
  • ES&S uses internal and external security monitoring of our corporate IT environments, including five Albert sensors covering our voter registration environments.
  • ES&S conducts free Secure the Vote™ training for our customers to develop cybersecurity awareness and the implementation of best practices to protect the equipment used for elections.
  • ES&S participates in DHS election security tabletop exercises and has brought the DHS exercise team to our headquarters to conduct in-house tabletop exercises.

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