July 05, 2017

Innovative New Voting Technology

Election Systems and Software (ES&S) is very excited to announce that federal certification testing is underway for an all-new end to end voting system that includes not one, but TWO new tabulation solutions for today’s voters! 

We are so so proud of our extraordinary research and development teams! Once again, they are raising – not just setting it people … raising – the industry standard for product development. These teams tapped into information collected through feedback and design sessions with our Nation’s election officials, as well as Jurisdictions’ real world experience, to create two of the most secure and innovative tabulation solutions ever.


Introducing the ExpressTouch™ Electronic Universal Voting System and the ExpressVote XL™ Full-Face Universal Voting System!

(can we just say, “Bravo!”)

The ExpressTouch Electronic Universal Voting System was designed as a replacement for the nation's aging fleet of direct recording electronic devices. This compact tablet not only provides a secure and intuitive voting experience all within a 15-inch HD touch screen – the portable booth functions as a stationary platform for voters and collapses into a self-contained transport and storage case for the tablet.

The other new addition to the versatile ES&S Universal Voting System family is the ExpressVote XL — a full-face Universal Voting System that includes an independent voter-verifiable paper record. The XL offers a voting experience reminiscent of the unforgettable gear-and-lever voting machine complete with privacy curtain, via a secure, modern, paper-based voting terminal that serves every voter, and includes all ballot choices for the jurisdiction on an easy to use 32-inch HD touch screen.

Thanks to ES&S’ Election Management System, Electionware®, both the Touch and XL offer efficient and flexible display options that enable jurisdictions of all sizes to manage their elections effectively.

As we all know, security is a cornerstone of the ES&S development process. Not only was the operating software for both the ExpressTouch and ExpressVote XL designed with security access controls to limit and detect access to critical system components and to guard against loss of system integrity, availability, confidentiality, and accountability – each units’ hardware was designed to protect against tampering during system maintenance, or interventions in system operations, and in response to system failure. Plus, system access during equipment preparation, testing and operation are limited by physical locks and access codes.

No surprise, the ES&S ExpressVote product line has received high praise for the inclusiveness it brings to the voting experience. Well, the ExpressTouch and ExpressVote XL continue that tradition by allowing every voter, including those with physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities, to cast a ballot privately, autonomously and intuitively. Voters can navigate ballot selections using the touch screen, detachable audio-tactile Universal Voting Console keypad or ADA support peripheral such as a Sip-and-Puff device or two-position switch. Both units guide voters through the vote selection process with screen prompts, symbols and audio. Screen controls meet all applicable guidelines for size and readability.

Oh, we’re not done yet … in addition to the two new tabulation solutions, ES&S customers will also benefit from the release of an innovative new reporting module for results consolidation and easier election night reporting – as well as full adjudication of ballots and complete write-in management. 

Our President & CEO Tom Burt said it best, 

“At ES&S our culture demands we put customer and voter needs first. Election officials need secure, innovative solutions, and they need them now. Our emphasis has been on building products that will not only advance the market in a significant way technologically, but that deliver on the highest security standards. Introducing two new products and cutting-edge software to the market at the same time is unprecedented in the election industry, and is evidence of our dedication to maintaining voter confidence and enhancing the voting experience.”