Electionware Results

Display Election Night Results Online 

Election Night Reporting is offered exclusively by ES&S to complement your election management system on Election night. This new web-based application allows jurisdictions the ability to display election results for public viewing. 

Securely hosted by ES&S, and simple to use, this application makes election night results reporting straightforward and requires very little advance  set-up. Automatically scrolling reports can be projected for viewers at election central. The single web location and responsive mobile design keeps media, candidates, political parties, and voters updated on the latest election results.

Key Features

Keep Results Reporting Process Secure

Secure administrative application allows clients the ability to assign and restrict user access and application rights.

Quickly Setup the Results Site: 

Receive login credentials from ES&S, set up users, add your logo and a sample file and start testing your site in minutes. 

Hosted by ES&S at our secure Empower data center

Empower provides defense-in-depth with multiple security levels. Each complements the other to provide data protection in a variety of ways. No matter what the circumstance, you are protected against both internal and external threats.  ES&S ensures that the application design and controls are in place to protect sensitive data, monitor access and address regulatory compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • This web-based application is fully interoperable with ERM and GEMs requiring no additional coding
  • The administrative module ensures security providing complete control to assign users and roles
  • Extremely easy to use, minimal setup required and very little training needed to get started
  • Results can also be displays on any mobile device
  • Provides election night results in an organized, easy to read format using graphics that are simple to understand for all viewers
  • Flexible display options allow the viewer to customize the web results
  • Web interface can be customized to include logos, title and election names for personalization of web results page