Election management software that's powerful, intelligent and productive.

Electionware® EVO, our newest fully integrated election management system, delivers everything needed to run an election, from creating the ballots to reporting the voting results.

  • Powerful. Manages thousands of ballot styles and precincts; incorporates many languages; manages and deploys multiple levels of security
  • Intelligent. Real-time election data queries and reports; workflow management and error alerts; enforced data accuracy; user customization; tracking of election media; live status indicators for incoming results
  • Productive. Blazingly fast data import; re-use of election and ballot layout templates; simple translation and audio file management; multiple simultaneous users; ballot image filtering, viewing and printing

The strength of Electionware lies in its logical, feature-rich design with user help information that’s easy to access and understand. The intuitive software interface makes it simple for election workers to track high-level data and review detailed audit logs.