Election management software that's powerful, intelligent and productive.

Electionware® EVO, our newest fully integrated election management system, delivers everything needed to run an election, from creating the ballots to reporting the voting results.

  • Powerful. Manages thousands of ballot styles and precincts; incorporates many languages; manages and deploys multiple levels of security
  • Intelligent. Real-time election data queries and reports; workflow management and error alerts; enforced data accuracy; user customization; tracking of election media; live status indicators for incoming results
  • Productive. Blazingly fast data import; re-use of election and ballot layout templates; simple translation and audio file management; multiple simultaneous users; ballot image filtering, viewing and printing

The strength of Electionware lies in its logical, feature-rich design with user help information that’s easy to access and understand. The intuitive software interface makes it simple for election workers to track high-level data and review detailed audit logs.

Key Features
  • Ease of use. Electionware is an intuitive, easy-to-use application that streamlines workflow and removes repetition.
  • Simultaneous Multiuser access.  Electionware enables large jurisdictions to allow multiple authorized personnel to simultaneously create poll media devices. Additionally, multiple teams of election officials can work simultaneously on different elections.
  • Data Security. Electionware incorporates the latest in election security, including heightened audit controls and change management processes that are built in to keep election data safe and secure.
  • Compliant with the latest voting system standards. Electionware is certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) according to its 2005 Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines.


Electionware Group Structure

Electionware enables election administrators to create elections, design ballots, configure selected digital scanning and accessible equipment, and manage election results data.


Create your election and import data such as precincts, contests, candidates, parties, languages (including audio), and other essential components.


Design ballot and audio elements for paper and accessible ballot types.


Configure parameters and security settings and create election media for digital scan and accessible equipment.


Load election results data, filter and export poll place and ballot records, and generate different types of reports.


Add and edit users and jurisdictions as well as specify the strength of security codes.