Mail Ballot Verifier™  1000


Voters are increasingly utilizing the mail as a means to receive and cast their ballot. While a convenient choice for voters, the processing and verification of these returned ballots can be a time consuming and labor intensive process for election officials. With the Mail Ballot Verifier (MBV) from ES&S verifying returned mail ballots can be fully automated, reducing the costs and labor involved in completing this time sensitive function.

How does Mail Ballot Verifier work?

The MBV automates or streamlines many of the tasks involved in processing inbound mail ballots, such as:

  •  Provide time/ date receipt endorsement
  • Capture an image of the voter’s signature for verification
  • Automate and streamline the signature verification process
  • Sort out envelopes with exceptions requiring further review

Envelopes are fed into the system, where they are automatically endorsed with time, date and sequence number. The voter barcode is scanned and an image of the envelope is then captured. The voter signature is extracted from that image, enabling the use of our advanced signature verification technology.

Key Features

Automated Signature Recognition (ASR)

With this tool, industry proven software is used to automatically compare the voter signature captured from the envelope against the one on file. Users set a confidence threshold and any signature matching that criteria is automatically flagged as verified. This reduces the time and bottlenecks often associated with signature verification.

On-Screen, Side by Side Comparison 

This feature allows verification of signatures not successfully compared with ASR, or for jurisdictions not utilizing the ASR feature. The system displays both the voter’s and reference signatures side by side on a screen. The user simply accepts or rejects the envelope with a single keystroke. This process is 5-10 times faster than the traditional method of manually scanning envelopes. These technologies allow better utilization of employee time and makes for a more secure process. With the MBV, only images are handled throughout the office, rather than envelopes containing actual voted ballots. Challenged signatures are identified by batch and sequence number for easy retrieval and review.

Compact and Cost Effective 

Unlike other systems on the market, the MBV is compact, quiet and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for the office environments operated by election staff. Additionally, the MBV’s cost is significantly less than any other solution on the market — making it cost effective even for jurisdictions processing as little as 10,000 mail ballots.