High-Throughput Scanner & Tabulator

Customizable sorting is now more affordable than ever with the DS450 central scanner and tabulator. Process more ballots in less time, without stopping for overvotes, write-ins or blank ballots. Pesky folded ballots that are difficult to handle? A thing of the past with the DS450 scanner’s TruGrip™ technology.

The DS450 from ES&S competes with the industry’s standard high-speed scanners while maintaining a more appropriate throughput along with affordability for jurisdictions. ​

Key Features

ES&S Advantage

The DS450 is the perfect size to handle increased processing of absentee and mail-in ballots for small to mid-sized jurisdictions.

Security and Accuracy

System integrity and electronic audits make the DS450 the most dependable high-throughput central scanner and tabulator on the market. The scanner utilizes our patented IMR™ and PTRAC™ technology, increasing the accuracy of tabulation.

High-Speed Sorting

Achieve faster sorts without stopping for each blank ballot with the DS450.  It scans and sorts 14-inch double-sided ballots at 75 per minute into three output trays, separating ballots into three categories: counted, requires further review, and write-ins.

Folded Ballot Processing

The DS450 is designed with a series of patent-pending TruGrip rollers to apply constant pressure, ensuring quality control throughout the entire vote-tabulating process.