ExpressVote XL

Full-Face Universal Voting System

Adding to the versatile Universal Voting System family, ES&S introduces the ExpressVote XL — a full-face Universal Voting System that serves every voter and includes all contests for the jurisdiction on an easy to use 32” HD touch screen interface.

Key Features


The Touch Screen Ballot layout tool within the Electionware® Election Management System provides many flexible layout options, including grid style for party voting in rows or columns. This configuration can easily be managed by jurisdictions, allowing for the most efficient use of the ExpressVote XL screen.


Internal battery backup options (either two or four batteries) provide extended battery life up to 14 hours and charges any time the rolling cart is plugged into a standard power outlet.

Verifiable Paper Record 

The XL prints a vote summary card, creating a verifiable paper record. Because activation cards are blank, unused activation cards can be stored for use in other elections, eliminating paper waste.

Secure Tabulation

The USB flash drive stores vote data for each cast record, including an image of the scanned vote summary card, when it has been configured to store images. To ensure security and protect voter anonymity, the vote data is stored with random file names assigned to each summary card image file. In addition, system access during equipment preparation, testing and operation is limited by physical locks and access codes.



The ExpressVote XL can serve every eligible voter, including those with special needs. As a fully compliant ADA voting solution, the ExpressVote XL’s adjustable screen enables both standing and seated voters to mark and cast their vote summary cards independently. An accessible keypad equipped with braille and the ability to use rocker panel and sip-puff devices make ExpressVote XL a truly universal solution.