Online Sample Ballot

The ExpressPass system offers an interactive, voter-specific sample ballot that can be viewed online at anytime. This gives voters the freedom to research candidates and contests that will appear on their ballot, allowing them to make the most informed decisions.

Voters also have the ability to mark their selections, which can then be printed or saved to their mobile device. This gives them an easy reference guide at the polling location, and helps make their voting experience quick and stress-free.

The ballot information that is provided online is a sample ballot. Actual casting of a ballot is still done in person or through an absentee ballot by mail.

Key Features


The ExpressPass Sample Ballot system can be accessed from the voter’s computer, tablet or smartphone. From the security of their own homes, voters can research their choices and take as much time as needed to mark their sample ballots. Voters have the option to print their choices or save them to a mobile device. They can then take their “marked” sample ballot to the poll to use as a guide for voting. Their printout will even provide them with our Early Voting locations and/or their personal Election Day Polling location.


The interactive sample ballot is identical to the ballot the voter will see in their polling location. Once the voter logs on to the site, they will enter their address. From there, our system will select the correct ballot for their residential address. Navigating through the ballot and marking choices is intuitive. The process is as easy as completing an online form.


Voters will feel empowered to make educated choices. Polling location information and directions are provided.


ExpressPass Sample Ballots are provided in an accessible format for voters utilizing assistive technologies (screen readers and navigational software). They meet ADA requirements of Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act.


The ExpressPass Sample Ballot look-up based on voter address is anonymous. Although the voter may choose to mark their choices online, no records of a voter’s choices are recorded. This system passed the highest standards and voters may rest assured that their anonymity and privacy is protected.