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Inbound Mail Ballot Processor

Mail Ballot Verifier®

The Mail Ballot Verifier (MBV) fully automates the processing, verifying and sorting of returned mail ballot envelopes — reducing costs and labor involved in completing this time-sensitive function. Sort bins can be added to the MBV, allowing users to automatically separate and sort mail based on a variety of criteria such as geography (precinct, district, ward, etc.), voter status and exception types (no signature, invalid, too thick, etc.). This eliminates manual sorting and ensures only valid envelopes are made available for verification.

Security features:

  • Physical and System Access Controls
  • Audit Logs
  • Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signature
  • System Application Controls

Product features:

Security facts:

Physical and System Access Controls

The MBV utilizes physical and system access controls including lockable doors, tamper-evident seals and access codes. These security safeguards cannot be bypassed or deactivated and alert election officials of unauthorized access while the unit is in storage, transport, preparation and operation.

Audit Logs

The MBV generates a detailed audit log of all actions and events that have occurred on the unit, which can be printed at any time. Every action and event, including access attempts, access of system functions and errors, is logged and timestamped.

Encryption, Hash Validation and Digital Signatures

The MBV only retains data needed for its operation and will employ disk level encryption if requested, keeping voter information secure. All data generated is encrypted and digitally signed. Additional hash validations ensure data integrity remains intact. All data and images are stored locally on the MBV database server with import/export capabilities limited to specific shared directories on a jurisdiction’s network behind a firewall to ensure that all voter data, signature verification results, and mail piece details are secure from unauthorized persons.

System Application Controls

The MBV is a purpose-built mail ballot processor. Its system functions are only executable during election events, in the manner and order intended by election officials performing their duties. All administrative functions are limited to the MBV software, and the device has no capability to write or allow change to the election program once installed.

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