Electronic Pollbook

The Solution is Surprisingly Simple

ES&S leverages proven and advanced technology to automate a process that historically consumed time and resources. Our solution manages the voter check-in process and is scalable to meet a wide variety of jurisdiction needs. With more than 15,000 units deployed, ExpressPoll-5000 is the complete, dependable solution.

The lightweight ExpressPoll-5000 stores registered voter information for precincts, districts, or entire jurisdictions. Poll workers enter an identifying piece of information onto the large, easy-to-read touch screen to verify that a voter is registered. The ExpressPoll-5000 is intuitive and easy to use, adding value and convenience to the voting process.

Key Features

The Automated Voter Verification Solution

Wide Range of Capabilities

Print voter verification sheets, display maps and addresses of a voter’s polling location, and produce polling place reports

Voter Identification

Signature pad enables poll workers to compare captured signatures with those stored in the voter registration system and accurately update them as needed

Voter Information

Full name, address, precinct, Voter ID number, date of birth, driver’s license number, voter status or requirements, and jurisdictions instructions for certain voter situations

Proven Benefits

  • EMPOWER your poll workers by simplifying the election process
  • AUTOMATE voter history data upload and reduce human error
  • LINK voter registration system with the voting system and polling places
  • REDUCE voter lines at your polling locations
  • INCREASE accuracy of voter personal information with features like same-day registration and voter edits
  • ENHANCE voter experience with products that support current check-in process and future trends like early voting and voting centers


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