VoteRemote® Outgoing

The VoteRemote™ outgoing mail process quickly and accurately mails ballots to absentee voters. Just electronically send your voter registration file to our experts, who will print your ballots and envelopes.

The ballot style is matched appropriately with the proper envelope during assembly, sorted by ZIP code, and shipped at the lowest available bulk rate with expedited handling. This process saves time, cuts cost, maintains the integrity of each election, and creates a digital audit trail for easy recordkeeping.

Key Features

Ensures Accuracy and Integrity of Ballots

Verifies delivery address and provides full tracking capabilities using Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to ensure delivery.

Easy-to-Use File Formats

Customized mailing files simplify the print process for election officials. Just click a button to print envelopes with voters’ addresses.

Saves Time through Speed and Efficiency

Ballots are inserted through a high-speed automated process that allows each voter to receive the correct ballot style.

Reduces Postage and Handling Costs

Reduces spending by providing secure expedited mail service at cost with optional delivery confirmation. You will receive First Class postage at nonprofit rates.

Redirects Efforts to Important Tasks

Concentrate your time and resources on more important election tasks and let ES&S handle this administrative work.