Balotar Compact

Ballot on Demand® Printer

The rugged and flexible Balotar Compact printer is used for both batch printing of mail-in ballots and individual ballots for early, in-person voting. It enables a jurisdiction to print the exact number of pre-Election Day ballots needed. The unit’s light weight makes it easy to transport and ideal for use in remote voting locations. This eliminates the need for costly staffing associated with moving larger on-demand systems.‚Äč

Key Features

Cost Efficient

  • Limits overtime costs
  • Reduces temporary staffing needs for ballot processing and inventory
  • Flexible fees to fit your budget
  • Automated ballot management
  • Removes the need for organizing and storing mass quantities of ballots
  •  No more estimating how many ballots to order

Stress Relief

  • Controls pre-election ballot production
  • No Election Day delays for ballot deliveries
  • Ensures the correct ballot style for every voter
  • Avoid ballot shortages
  • UOCAVA and absentee ballots are ready immediately

Environmentally Friendly

  • Eliminates waste from pre-printing too many ballots
  • Lowers energy use for ballot printing and shipment
  • Reduces chemical use

Automated Ballot Management

  • Eliminate the need for organizing and storing mass quantities of ballots
  • Save time spent estimating the number of ballots to order from a commercial printer