Balotar Flex

Ballot on Demand® Printing

The Balotar Flex is our highly secure ballot printing system that allows election workers to print just the number of ballots needed to successfully conduct an election. On-demand printing eliminates the waste that typically occurs with absentee and early voting.

Key Features

Cost Efficient

  • Avoid pre-printing too many ballots
  • Limit overtime costs
  • Lower temporary staffing needs for ballot processing and inventory
  • Fees are flexible for your budget

Stress Relief

  • Gain control over pre-election ballot production
  • No delayed ballot deliveries for Election Day
  • Reduce poll worker error by getting each voter the correct ballot style
  • Eliminate ballot shortages
  • UOCAVA and absentee ballots are ready immediately

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less paper waste
  • Lower energy usage ( fuel costs by avoiding ballot shipment and saving energy at the press plant)
  • Reduces chemical use and waste

Automated Ballot Management

  • Eliminate the need for organizing and storing mass quantities of ballots
  • Save time spent estimating the number of ballots to order from a commercial printer