Central Scanner & Tabulator

The AccuVote®-OSX precinct and central vote tabulation system captures precise images of ballots with advanced contact image sensors. This efficiently produces a clear, accurate paper trail to ensure election ballots are counted and safely stored digitally.

Key Features

Scanning Capabilities

  • Scans and stores multiple ballots for each voter
  • Digitally scans full front-and-back image
  • Easy-to-read, colorful graphic display
  • Accepts various ballot lengths: 11, 14, 17, and 18 inches


  • Built-in standard modem
  • Voting unit also can transfer results data, eliminating the need for additional hardware
  • Ballot box includes wheels and a handle for easy transportation to and from voting locations

Ballot Box

  • Diverter separates ballots between two compartments
  • Container slot allows ballots to be manually cast into a separate compartment for later counting
  • Auxiliary access door allows for jams to be easily cleared
  • Ballot box’s saw-tooth pattern creates increased capacity

Improved Voting Process

  • Complete poll-closing process takes as little as 15 minutes
  • Quickly print election results reports
  • Accumulate results from the AccuVote (OSX) and AccuVote (TSX)
  • Upload all precinct results to a centralized location

Multi-layer security

  • Memory card and firmware perform automatic integrity checks to proactively detect corruption and targeted manipulation

Ballot security

  • Ballot boxes are equipped with security locks and tamper-evident security seals to protect ballots after they pass through the scanner

Transfer security

  • AccuVote (OSX) accurately processes ballots at the precinct and can transmit encrypted and authenticated results to the GEMS server at Election Central.

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