ExpressPoll® Tablet

The future of electronic pollbook technology fits in your hands

The ExpressPoll® system gives election poll workers a simple-to-operate voter check-in device that slashes waiting time for voters, increases the accuracy of voters’ personal information, and improves the Election Day experience for voters and poll workers alike.

Our popular electronic pollbook software, EZRoster, now runs on low-cost touchscreen tablets using the Windows® 8 operating system, giving poll workers an intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface that’s similar to the devices they use in their everyday lives.

Gone are the days of many peripheral devices needed to check in voters. Instead, devices such as a signature pad and barcode reader are built right in to each tablet, making the devices easy to use and set up.

The ExpressPoll can be mixed with both new and existing DRE and paper ballot-based election system technologies to provide a complete low-cost voter check-in solution. 

Current ExpressPoll-5000 users will see that ES&S’ new tablet-based system retains all of the features and functionality to which you are accustomed. And just like ExpressPoll-5000, our new ExpressPoll system will communicate seamlessly with our data conversion software and CentralPoint® for integrated poll management.

Key Features

Integrated Peripherals

Poll workers scan barcodes with the tablet’s built-in camera and capture voters’ signatures on the unit’s touch screen. This makes the device easy to set up and operate and avoids the cost of purchasing external peripheral devices.

Redundant Data Storage

The ExpressPoll Electronic Pollbook offers “redundant” integral data storage, ensuring that voter validation information can be retrieved following each election. Validation data is stored in solid state internal memory and on a Micro-SD card installed in the tablet. If one of these storage areas experiences any issue, data can be easily retrieved from the other data storage location.

Works with ExpressPoll-5000

Are you a current ExpressPoll-5000 customer? Our new ExpressPoll tablets can seamlessly be added to your existing system. Both solutions use the same EZRoster software, database, and resource file to provide the same user experience.

Wireless Networking

The ExpressPoll solution communicates with other tablets in a precinct using secure, wireless networking, eliminating the need for cables as well as hubs or switches.

Small and Lightweight

Unlike laptop computers and older tablet technology, the ExpressPoll tablets are compact and light. Poll workers do not need special equipment to carry the pollbooks to polling locations.